When Will Santa Be At My House: Is Santa Claus Real?

When Will Santa Be At  My House: Is Santa Claus Real? – Santa Claus is one of the major symbol and already a part of tradition for some countries during the Christmas season celebrations. For those who are wondering if Santa Clause is real or not, let me assure you that he is alive in the mind of many children in the world.

During Christmas eve many children couldn’t wait for Santa Claus to come in their house because they believe that Santa will bring them special gifts for Christmas. Children are so excited to wait for Santa as they lay in the bed during Christmas eve hours.

Here is an exciting story that I have read from Marionstar about a wonderful experience with Santa Claus. Here is the summary of the story:

I could never figure out why he brought some new clothes and stuff like oranges, apples and nuts to eat, but there was always a toy and he put some candy in my stocking with the fruits and nuts, so I was happy.

As I grew older, my friends began to tell me there was no Santa Claus. If you believed, you were teased and called a baby, but I didn’t care, I knew he was real; it was something I could feel deep inside me. Even if I didn’t see Santa when he came, that didn’t prove to me that he didn’t exist. I never saw God in Sunday School, and that didn’t mean he wasn’t real. The love I felt for my family and friends was real but I couldn’t see it, and my hopes and dreams were very real to me and I couldn’t see them either.

Today my kids are grown and I have six grandchildren. The younger ones know Santa is real. One of my grandsons is convinced he saw Santa leaving presents at his house and who am I to doubt him? I feel sorry the older ones who, through peer pressure, have lost one of the most precious parts of their childhood, Santa Claus. I’m sure they think I’m a little weird when I tell them that Santa is real to me and my now-adult kids probably think my elevator is stuck between floors, but I can’t imagine what it would have been like growing up without Santa Claus.

To this day, I still have my matched set of Lone Ranger cap guns from a lost world of long ago where guns weren’t evil and family values, respect, and patriotism were more than just empty “Hope and Change” feel good words. Millions of illegal aliens weren’t invading our country and given preferential treatment at taxpayer expense, not to mention taking jobs from American families struggling to survive. In that lost world, our government wasn’t disregarding or blatantly violating our Constitution. It wasn’t trying to take away our freedoms or tax and spend us into poverty with deceitful political posturing toward socialism. God, Jesus, and Santa were welcomed members of that society and weren’t banned from public places.

Regrettably, there are children in the world today who don’t know the feeling of freedom, or have hope and dreams for their future and some are right here in America. Every year society robs our young of more and more of their childhood. It’s a shame that most adults have lost their belief in Santa. How long will it be before they lose their belief in God, or their belief in love, faith, hope, and dreams? Maybe, in a way, some already have.

So now, before going to bed on Christmas Eve, leave a snack for Santa and when you wake up Christmas morning don’t forget to say, “Happy Birthday, Jesus.” Remember, Santa is watching to see if you’re naughty or nice.

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