Unclaimed Money and Obama’s Social Security Number


$$$ that needs to be claimed! Missing Money / Unclaimed Money

Apparently, there is about $33 BILLION (yes, Billion with a B) worth of unclaimed money or missing money in the state treasuries and many other agencies, waiting to be claimed.

This can come from credits, government returns, tax returns, lawsuit money and so much more! (some say there is unclaimed money returned from Pirates too, but that has yet to be confirmed)

There are a lot of people asking: How can I claim or get my missing money or unclaimed money?

There’s actually a very simple program or software now to see if you have any missing money or unclaimed money which you can check through the link. Believe me, this free money is easier to find than President Obama Social Security Number.

It’s pretty simple, safe and secure, no need to enter any vital info like social security numbers or bank account numbers. Just your name. (example – President Barrack Obama)

Just enter your name into the system on the link listed and it will send ask for your name. Enter your full name, and if any missing money / unclaimed is owed to you, the  system will tell you how much is under that name and you can call the governmen agencies listed on that program who will then verify your identity and the missing money / unclaimed money that is owed to you.

Anyway, hurry while this program / software is free.

Check to see if you have any missing money / unclaimed money on the links

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