PS3 Internet Connectivity DNS Error 80028ED4 Problem? Here’s a working solution!

If you always fail to connect your PS3 to the internet through wired and wireless connection, then we have a solution for you. If you encountered DNS error 80028ED4 or DNS error 80710102 after upgrading to firmware 3.10, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s an easy fix to intermittent internet connectivity with your PS3. All you need to do is use OpenDNS and enter the following information to your DNS1 and DNS2 inside your PS3 internet connection settings.


OpenDNS will most like solve any DNS errors in your PS3. Try it now and be amazed about what OpenDNS can do to your connection.

We assure you that you’ll have a faster, smoother, and better internet connection that before.

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