Oh great, another WordPress update and now it’s 2.9!

Recently, Matt Mullenweg announced that WordPress 2.9 has been released! This latest WP version has a lot of new and awesome features compared to the previous WordPress version. One of the best added improvement of WordPress 2.9 from 2.8 is the online recycle bin. Yes, there’s a nifty recycle bin inside WordPress 2.9! You know what a recycle bin does, do you?

Another fantastic addition to 2.9 is the WordPress image editor. With this, you can edit an image inside WordPress, like cropping, flipping and do more magical stuff that no other blogging platform can do.

What I like most about 2.9 is the batch plugin update. You can update 5, 10 or even 20 plugins at the same time with just one click. Now that’s what makes WP2.9 really awesome!

Upgrade now by clicking the Upgrade button inside your WordPress panel, or download the latest version at WordPress.org

Please bear in mind that if you’re using the Global Translator plugin, you better not upgrade yet. Or if you really want to update, you should modify one of the WP core files because 2.9 has included the “canonical thing” that will remove all your translated pages in Google. So beware!

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