Apple Tablet PC | The Apple iPAD Review

The Apple Tablet PC has finally been launched by Steve Jobs and it’s called the Apple iPad. With its recent anouncement and release, the Apple iPad hype is slowly deteriorating as expectations from various Apple iPad enthusiasts were not met.

Various Apple Tablet iPad users have expressed their reviews and was disappointed with the features of this new gadget.

So what are the initial Apple iPad reviews of people who have initially used it? As we all know, it gave them a lot of iPad Disappointments. Why? Here are some of the Apple iPad Tablet reviews:

First, the Apple iPad Tablet PC has a very poor feature. The Apple iPad tablet is a gadget that comes in between a mobile phone and a notebook or laptop. The Apple iPad, as compared to a mobile phone, does not have a function for its user to make a call. On the other hand when compared to a laptop, the Apple iPad has features way below a laptop.

Second, one of the major disappointments of a lot of Apple iPad enthusiasts is the fact that Apple iPad does not have a multifunction functionality. You cannot do two functions or operations at the same time.Also, the Apple iPad does not have a flash installed so you cannot play flash games and other applications that requires flash program.

Third, the Apple iPad, as many have said, is just a big Apple iPhone or a big Apple iTouch. Its functions are very similar to these two device. A lot of customers are now saying that they would rather wait for an upgraded version of the Apple iPad Tablet before they buy it.

Moving on to the positive review, the Apple iPad has a very good 9.7″ IPS Screen. It means that the Apple iPad tablet uses  a monitor good for professional graphic artists. It can consumer battery life fast but surely, the IPS Screen is a big plus.

The multitouch functionality of the Apple iPad Tablet is a very good review too. Although this function is already present in previous Apple iPhones, this multitouch capability of the Apple iPad is enhanced and the screen responds faster to touch.

Overall, technology authority CNET had an iPOD Review CNET Video saying that the Apple iPad certainly did not meet their expectations. They even say that the retail price of the Apple iPad which is more or less $499 the cheapest is not very economical.

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